MD&M East: Putnam adds American Kuhne line to boost R&D

Putnam Plastics will place significant focus on research into advanced technologies for medical catheters in a recently completed 92,000-sq-ft plant in Dayville, CT, CEO Jim Dandeneau said in an interview today at MD&M East in Philadelphia. Among the investments in the new R&D area is an extrusion line from American Kuhne.

Emphasis is on development of continuous manufacturing technologies that minimize manual operations to produce complex, composite catheter designs. Medical device manufacturers are anxious to replace costly hand layup of tubing sections that are contained in a heat-sealed assembly.

"Our existing space will continue to provide traditional extrusion services and serve the needs of our customers,” said Dandeneau. "The expansion allows us to support increased demand for more complex, comprehensive extrusion components and will serve as a showcase for emerging extrusion technologies available for medical devices.”

Recent technical innovations by the company include variable pitch braid with coil reinforcements, variable flexibility tubing, and a line of polymer marker bands for fluoroscopic illumination of catheter tips used in minimally invasive medical procedures. These bands reduce costs by eliminating traditional gold or platinum marker bands and offer greater adhesion to catheter shaft tips.

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