MALAYSIA: Sabah Risda approves land for replanting

The Sabah Risda has approved 2,120 hectares of land to be replanted with rubber in the state for this year.

State Risda Director Omar Hassan said the number of applications from smallholders approved for this year was higher compared to the 1,300 hectares aproved in 2010.

"Rubber replanting is the thrust of activities for Risda although we hope to look at other opportunities, which are yet to be explored,” he said at the launch of the Sabah Risda Entrepreneurs Club.

Omar said other activities to be ventured into included the processing of other parts of the rubber trees to be turned into furniture, cultivation of hill and sweet pumpkin in areas which had been identified.

"The Sabah Risda will also create seedlings production centres and among the areas identified for the centres are Sook and Keningau,” he said.(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)