MALAYSIA: Malaysia capable of exporting more rubber-based products

"Malaysia has made great strides in this industry and is a renowned producer of rubber products.

"Our technological expertise in this industry is highly looked upon and has placed Malaysia's rubber-based products among the best in the world," he told reporters after launching a book titled "The Legacy of Mardec, Origin, Development and Contributions to the Natural Rubber Industry", in Kuala Lumpur.

The former prime minister said Malaysia should continue to produce more rubber-based products although there were less people involved now in rubber tapping activities compared with the scenario in 1877 when the British first introduced rubber seedlings in the country.

Rubber tapping activities have shifted to neighbouring Indonesia and Cambodia which has huge rubber plantations, he said.

Musa also praised Mardec Bhd for discovering a substantial new use for natural rubber as earthquake bearings in new buildings especially in Japan and the United States.

MARDEC, once is tasked with the responsibility of improving the quality of natural rubber produced by Malaysia's smallholders, now is an integrated rubber and polymer conglomerate.

Source: "Bernama" (National News Agency of Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur; 23 Nov 2013(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)