MHS Mold Hotrunner Solutions Inc.

M3 Micro Molding Machine for Mass Production

The revolutionary M3 delivers fast, cost efficient prototype molding with a seamless transition to mass production

Introducing a Completely New Type of Injection Molding Machine for High Volume Production of Micro Precision Plastic Parts


MHS - Mold Hotrunner Solutions presents the revolutionary M3, the only dedicated micro injection molding machine capable of producing precision runnerless plastic parts in a 32 cavity cycle, outperforming its competition by a factor of 8 to 1. This new technology delivers high volume micro molding to all industries that demand precision, quality and rapid production. It is optimized for clean room operation, making it ideal for medical devices and components. The M3 is one of several injection molding innovations that MHS will feature at the upcoming K 2013 in Düsseldorf, Germany (Hall 1 Stand A09).


Fast, Low Cost Prototypes Without Molds

The M3 operates using four compact and cost effective modular inserts, each containing 8 micro cavities, completely doing away with the traditional injection mold structure. It simplifies the mold design and speeds up the transition from prototype molding to mass production since all processing parameters and conditions are identical in both. No additional validation is required.


32 Cavities, 8 Different Part Designs

The M3 can produce 32 plastic parts with shot weights of under 10 milligrams every 5 seconds. That translates to an annual production of over 150 million micro parts in a single machine. Not only that, the machine can inject 8 different part designs with each cycle. Of course, it is possible to further increase the number of cavities by gating onto small sub-runners (e.g. 32 x 4 = 128 cavities).


Complete Molding Cell

The M3 comes fully equipped with onboard automation. Its robotic take-off and part handling systems remove each individual micro part for seamless downstream processing. Quality control is powered by an integrated vision system that inspects each part and cavity during the take-off cycle. These checks occur simultaneously in under 1 second between shots.

The machine has a magnetic clamp force of 4 tons. The M3 is a tie-bar-less injection molding machine with ample room for peripheral equipment and additional automation from all 3 sides of the mold parting line. The entire molding cell has a small footprint and requires only an eighth of the floor space of existing production setups. It consumes only a fraction of the energy required by other molding cells and reduces the need for additional automation equipment since everything is done in one machine.

Each complete system includes mold inserts, hot runner system, integrated processing control with dual touch screen interface, in-mold vision system, touchless part handling and material loading.

“The M3 is a leap for micro injection molding. It completely redefines mass production on this scale. It represents years of expertise, research and development.”- Harald Schmidt, President MHS


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