M-Base: New version of the CAMPUS website

For more than 20 years CAMPUS® is now the leading international source for high quality plastics data. With a new version of the CAMPUS website, which has been introduced on December 3, 2012, the access to CAMPUS data will now be even easier.

A new navigation tool has been installed, which allows entering of requested terms in one single text field. The system will automatically suggest relevant criteria in a selection list. These might be material names, producers or properties. In case of numerical properties, min and max values can be entered.

After selecting one or several criteria, the system will list all qualified materials. This search will include the complete set of current CAMPUS data from all suppliers.

From the resulting list it is easy to navigate to the individual datasheet of each grade, which can be selected from 10 languages.

The classical desktop version of CAMPUS for offline installation on individual computers remains available for download.

The new navigation tool as well as the classical download features are available via the official CAMPUS website.

More Information: www.campusplastics.com, www.m-base.de