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Luxus shows sustainable polymers have come of age at K2013

Sarah Coggle, Marketing Manager, Luxus


UK leading plastics solutions provider Luxus will be showing under the banner of ‘The fusion of Art, Science and Innovation’ - its latest evolution in high performance recycled content polymers for the global automotive, waste, construction and retail grocery sectors in Hall 5, stand A45 at the K Show, Dusseldorf, Germany, 16th-23rd October 2013.

This £25m turnover company with 140 staff has been developing polymers for nearly 50 years to deliver grades that are now able to reduce weight, carbon and cost in a broad range of applications from auto interior trims to returnable transit packaging for major grocery chains.

Sarah Coggle, Marketing  Manager, Luxus, said: “We have chosen ‘The fusion of Art, Science and Innovation’ theme for the K Show as it reflects how Luxus has continued to really push the boundaries in recycled content polymer technology beyond the accepted potential to deliver high quality engineered ‘eco’ positive grades.”

Its commitment to innovation has most recently led to the development of a lightweight PP for ‘A’ surface interior applications known as Hycolene™ based on both prime and recycled materials.  The recycled grade offers automotive manufacturers a material with a high (up to 60 per cent) recycled content gained from post-industrial and post-consumer feedstocks - yet it still delivers the quality and durability expected for car interior trims.

The major benefits of Hycolene are both the weight saving it offers, typically a 10-12 per cent weight reduction for each component and improved scratch resistance over current talc filled PP alternatives. So it effectively lifts the burden on automotive manufacturers enabling them to meet both stringent EU emissions targets through ‘lightweighting’ as CO2 is reduced and ‘green’ performance goals thanks to its recycled content.      

Hycolene is currently being tested by Renault Nissan at its UK based European Technical Centre using interior trim moldings from the Nissan Qashqai. Current activity with auto manufacturers indicates that Hycolene will be used in volume production vehicles by 2015. Additional Hycolene grades are also planned for the future including a new high impact version and various colour options too.

Innovations such as Hycolene are possible thanks to the company’s in-house Technical Centre which provides the true ‘hub’ of the operation. It enables Luxus to offer testing and analysis services to its clients, with the aim of bridging the ‘gap’ between polymer science and the commercial needs of the various industries it supports.

It offers solutions for both general industry and specialist applications and is equipped to a very high standard allowing testing for MFI, Izod, FDI, HDT, VICAT, tensile and FITR. The accurate data generated provides the ‘building blocks’ needed for the formulation of new materials.

Luxus will also be showcasing its ‘closed loop’ recycling services such as ‘Tray2Tray’ that offers an environmentally friendly solution for unwanted plastics waste generated in the retail supply chain.  ‘End of life’ transit materials such as plastic crates, boxes and pallets for example, are collected by Luxus and then re-engineered at its recycling facility back into the same ‘transit’ packaging raw material to the client’s specifications.

Or, Luxus can purchase the problem waste to re-manufacture into new high quality compound significantly reducing the client’s carbon footprint and turning a cost into a revenue stream.

Continued investment in both its Technical Centre and production capacity with new extrusion lines will enable Luxus to guarantee the delivery of its technical recycled content polymers for ‘eco’ conscious markets in the long-term.


Photos: Sarah Coggle, Marketing Manager, Luxus

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Luxus Ltd

Established in 1965 Luxus has become one of the UK’s leading independent technical plastics companies.

Based in Louth Lincolnshire, its modern manufacturing facility now occupies a covered area of 28,328 square meters and it uses state of the art technologies to deliver highly specified thermoplastic compounds based on prime and recycled feedstocks - with a granulation capacity currently of 30,000 tonnes per year.


Luxus is the joint winner from the North East region for the prestigious ‘HSBC Business Thinking Award’ 2011. For further information please visit www.luxus.co.uk