Guangzhou Lushan New Materials Co., Ltd.

Lushan Striving for Setting up the National Innovation Platform through Continuous Innovation

The Guangzhou Engineering Technology Research Center has hold a meeting in Guangzhou at 10th, May, 2012 under the theme of " Building up national innovation platform with strong foundation and inner capability." Lushan attended this meeting as the representative enterprise together with the officers from Guangzhou Science and Information Technology Bureau, such as the deputy director Mr. Guiling Wang, Associate Counsel Mr. Liang Jianing, etc.

As we all know, Lushan has become the Guangzhou Hot-melt Adhesive Engineering Technology Research Center Since June, 2009. With continuous independent innovation, strong investments on R&D and cooperation with famous universities, Lushan has built up his own science innovation systems and developed products with high technology content, high added value and high quality level. With achievements we've got, Lushan has built up the Guangdong Hot-melt Adhesive Engineering Technology Research Center which lays a strong foundation on being the national research center and guarantees our technical advantages on hot-melt adhesive resin.

Innovation will be never out of date. Based on the concept of "Customizing technologies", Lushan always keeps pace on time and the innovation steps of technologies. Meanwhile, we will develop more and more suitable products to meet market demands and to enhance our core competitiveness.