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Lushan Quick Developments for Project of PET Chain Extender and Modified RPET

As the rapid and sustainable development of the beverage industry, a large qty of PET raw material is consumed through the form of PET bottles, PET flexible packaging, etc. Consequently, huge qty of PET waste materials is caused by beverage industry. To avoid resources waste, and environment pollution problem, effective recycling use of waste PET material is becoming a more and more important topic of PET industry. At present, more than 90% cycling of PET waste are downgraded for use in spinning fiber. But by this way of recycling, it will decrease times of recycling and its grade is down because of lower properties. Accordingly, the demand of more environmental friendly and fully using of PET resources is increasing. The plastics industry of recycled PET bottle material is looking for more method to keep or upgrade its properties and broaden the use of PET bottle waste, by modification of PET waste materials.

With more than 10 years experience of Functional Polymer modification, Lushan researches and develops a series of recycled PET tackifier and chain extender to increase intrinsic viscosity of R-PET be 0.7-0.9 l / g (dL / g,). Lushan chain extender could be used for application field of PET sheet, PET films, PET packaging belt, engineering plastics and other materials, and with good and stable performance as higher melt strength, higher regrind/recycle usage to lower material costs, enhance properties of PET materials , increase Impact strength of materials , improve process stability , improved hydrolytic stability, reduce or cancel drying treatment

At the same time, to meet with market requirement, Lushan manufactures Recycled PET(R-PET) resin in pellet form which is modified from R-PET waste bottle flacks and with higher Intrinsic Viscosity (I.V.) from 0.7 to 0.9 l / g (dL / g,).

PET waste materials not only causes big consumption of oil resources but also a lot of big problem of white pollution to Environment. Lushan is deemed supply solution for the PET waste materials problem, and contribute for a clean and non-pollution environment, and better life quality of human.