Lubrizol targets tunable bioresorbable polymers


Lubrizol Corp., newly acquired by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway, is boosting its focus on the healthcare field and is organizing business activities into a group called LifeScience Polymers.

"One of our key strategies is development of additional polymers," Deb Langer, general manager of LifeScience Polymers, said in an interview at Medical Design & Manufacturing West held in Anaheim, California.

One example is a two-year research effort to find new chemistries for bioresorbable polymers that would be used for applications ranging from bone anchors to scaffolds used to grow organs from stem cells. Lubrizol is using a chemistry similar to polyurethanes to develop a family of polymers that can be tuned to meet specific requirements, such as flexibility or stiffness. They would replace materials such as polylactic acid, which has physical property deficits, and animal-based polymers that are expensive....
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