Low-priced pitch-based carbon fiber debuts


The high price of pitch-based carbon fiber normally restricts its use to limited applications such as heat dissipation materials for electronic devices installed in satellites. Now, a Japanese company is targeting wider adoption of such fibers with a new material that costs around half as much to manufacture.

Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc. (Tokyo) has debuted Dialead K13C6U: an ultra-high-modulus grade of pitch-based carbon fiber that reportedly excels in heat conductivity and rigidity. Production efficiency has been raised by tripling the number of filaments per fiber bundle to 6,000 (6K) from 2,000 (2K) via optimization of graphitization processes. The significant reduction in production costs is expected to expand sales of the product into a wider range of applications, including components for avionics devices, heat sinks, LEDs, and automobiles.

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