TSM Control Systems

Loss In Weight Continuous Gravimetric Blender

The TSM loss in weight (continuous) gravimetric blenders provide a "dosing" solution for blending and extrusion control for up to 7 components and up to 3000 kg/hr. Having constantly improved these systems over the years, the TSM loss in weight blenders now give total reliability, excellent precision and advanced process control options to ensure consistent product quality. Not only do TSM provide continuous throughput measurement, the option is also available to maintain the extruder throughput at the desired level, i.e. Kg/hr control.

Optional haul off speed measurement can be added to ensure that the weight per length is controlled to the desired specification (yield control). This ensures that the product being produced is maintained at the desired thickness without operator intervention. This mode can be extended to weight per area control through entry.

An easy-to-service control module contains the weigh system electronics. The colour touch screen control panel is extremely user friendly and provides intuitive text prompts. As the job progresses, the operator can view material weights and kg/h throughput, and alarm incidents which are time and date stamped. Furthermore, the electronics design also allows TSM to get a rapid weight loss measurement from which we can get excellent control response, thus allowing the blender to react almost instantly to any change in line speed or screw speed. Additionally the newly added blockage/stall feature will detect a stalled screw or material blockage while an encoder will provide instantaneous dosing screw speed data. Moreover, the system also provides inventory reporting by component, total weight summaries and current order reports, all keyed with customer and material codes.