Little things that make a big difference: Nano particles improve cosmetics packaging performance


In Spain, AIMPLAS, the Valencia-based Technological Institute of Plastic, is collaborating with AINIA Technological Centre on an R&D project that aims to develop the first prototypes of cosmetics packaging with enhanced properties using nanomaterials.

The project, known as NANOPACK, will run for 24 months and is being funded by the Valencia Institute of Business Competitiveness, IVACE. The goal is to develop safer, more sustainable and more competitive cosmetics packaging.

Cosmetics are typically products that are prone to spoilage as they frequently come into contact with oxygen, skin bacteria, body fluids and other external influences. However, even prior to being opened, sophisticated, well-designed packaging is required to ensure that contents remain in good condition until they reach the customer.

Today, the packaging material of choice in the cosmetics industry is plastic, because of the multiple advantages this offers: design, lightness, strength and durability. The NANOPACK project aims to engineer materials using nanotechnology that will further leverage the inherent characteristics and benefits of plastic packaging materials.

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