Wacker Chemie AG

Liquid Silicone Rubber Solutions for the Future of Lighting

LUMISIL® liquid silicone rubber is the material of choice from WACKER for manufacturing optical lenses, as well as coupling and light-guiding elements – and it comes with crystal clear advantages for LED makers.

LUMISIL® LR 7600 consists of highly heat-resistant liquid silicone rubber grades that cure to form highly translucent elastomers. The cured rubber grades are crystal clear and can withstand high thermal stress. Thanks to a special formulation strategy, the cured LUMISIL® LR 7600 liquid silicone rubber allows visible light to pass through virtually unhindered. At the same time, the material is able to withstand prolonged exposure to temperatures of up to 200 °C. Unlike highly translucent thermoplastics, such as polycarbonate and polymethyl methacrylate, LUMISIL® LR 7600 does not tend to degrade. The elastomers are resistant to aging and UV (weathering), are electrically insulating and water-repellent, and possess low-temperature flexibility. LUMISIL® LR 7600 reaches Shore A hardnesses between 50 and 80 and is ideal for modern demanding applications within the automotive industry.

Novel LUMISIL® LR 7820/70 is a paste-like two-component compound with short curing times. Its vulcanizates are noted for their excellent light reflection, as well as their mechanical and electrical properties, including outstanding heat and UV (weather) resistance, and ease of processing (injection molding). LUMISIL® LR 7820/70 liquid silicone rubber is ideal for manufacturing reflector material, i.e. LED housings.