Linpac unveils new line of rigid-plastic, retail-ready packaging


In the retail-ready packaging (RRP) sector, corrugated board is still king, but plastics are starting to compete for the crown.

RRP is used to improve the appearance of merchandise on the retail shelf through the use of self-contained display boxes or trays, and it's a fast-growing niche sector within the industry. Figures from PIRA International show that demand for RRP will reach 27 million tonnes by 2016, up from a 19 million-tonne base in 2010.

While plastics represent approximately 24% of market share compared to 75% for corrugated carton board, European packaging manufacturer Linpac said that plastics is starting to gain momentum in the RRP sector. Due to an increased demand from retailers, Linpac has developed a new range of rigid plastic retail-ready packaging....
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