Linear expands laser sintering to support conformal cooling, more


Additive manufacturing has become a big part of Linear Mold & Engineering's business as demand for end-use parts and conformal cooling lines for molds have grown. To help meet increased demand, Linear recently installed a new EOSINT M280 laser sintering system - Linear's fifth EOSINT machine - from EOS GmbH, and an SLM 280 Selective Laser Melting system from SLM Solutions GmbH, its first SLM machine.

Linear becomes the first additive manufacturing service bureau to install an SLM 280. According to John Tenbusch, Linear's president, the company chose the SLM 280 because of its larger build chamber (280-by-280-by-350 mm) and higher laser power (400/1000 Watts fiber laser).

The SLM 280 also can be used with a new 1-KW fiber laser. Highly efficient protective gas consumption, along with the patented safe filter system and bidirectional loader movement, provides optimal process conditions in a high-performance system with consistent build quality.
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