Linear announced plans to double 3D metal printing capacity


Linear Mold & Engineering announced at RAPID 2014 and Amerimold the company's plans to expand its 24,000 sq-ft Livonia, MI headquarters by 17,000 sq-ft. This expansion will make room for eight more DMLM machines, a dedicated training center plus expanded finishing and tooling operations. Two of the DMLM machines are to be delivered in two weeks.

Linear's expansion will include the following enhancements to their current capabilities:

- New DMLM Machine Lab with dedicated DMLM Training Center
- Dedicated space for 32 additional DMLM machines
- Expanded finishing (or post-processing) stations
- Expanded tooling & moldmaking operations including new gun drill, and CNC & EDM equipment.

"This is Phase 1 of the largest expansion in Linear's 11-year history and is designed to maintain and extend Linear's DMLM leadership in North America," explains John Tenbusch, president of Linear.
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