Lindal's aerosol technology expands Mexico operations


The Lindal Group’s aerosol technology, used by a growing number of domestic and multinational brand owners, is part of tremendous growth taking place in premium packaging that, in the Mexican personal care product category alone, is expected to increase aerosol use from 350 million units this year to 450 million units in 2013, or nearly 30%, according to Lindal’s Jorge Rodriguez.

In addition to growth in the personal care market, Rodriguez projects strong growth in aerosol demand for products such as insecticides, household products, paints, and medical products, citing studies published the Instituto Mexicano del Aerosol A.C. Rodroguez also projects Mexican packaging premiumization to accelerate 28% in the coming year, for both domestically consumed goods and those made for export. “The market for aerosol products is extremely competitive,” he notes, “as companies jockey for market share, which requires greater product differentiation and packaging premiumization.”...
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