Light bulbs to LEDs: Philips Vitrite rapidly develops its sustainable future


The light bulb manufacturing business left for low-cost manufacturing shores, leaving Philips Lighting Vitrite, Philips' captive component manufacturer of general lighting systems (GLS)-your standard light bulb-in need of a new business model. Injection molding became the rallying cry, and the company now is on the leading edge of LED design. Furthermore, it intends to be on the leading edge of lighting systems for many years to come.

"To be successful in such a turnaround, you need to rely on your own strength," is how Rob Lous, commercial manager in charge of purchasing, marketing and sales, recalls those transition days. Middelburg, the Netherlands, where the business is based, and the surrounding area, is a part of the country that has seen hard times but where the citizens are known for their resilience. "In these parts, the motto is, 'You can knock us down but we'll just get back up,'" noted Lous during a visit by PlasticsToday to his facility....
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