Licharz: Oil filled cast polyamide for bearing applications for the food-machining industry

Oilamid® FG is a new, FDA-compliant, cast polyamide (nylon) from Licharz, which is specially designed for the requirements of journal bearings. Exactly to the require-ments of manufacturers in the food handling machine industry. Due to the special oils and different additives, embedded in the polymeric matrix, the material achieves a constant lubrication during the components durability. As a result of this the coefficient of sliding friction is constantly low and shows a minimum in abrasion. The friction heat, at the point of support, is also constantly minimised. This way it increases the mechanical load capacity of the bearing parts and also increases the sliding speed.

Oilamid® FG is wear resistant, electrically insulating and consistent against a wide range of oils, greases and detergents. Furthermore the material is excellent in the absorption of vibration and very easily machinable. Application areas for Oilamid® FG are mainly in the fields of mechanical- and plant engineering as well as in the drive and conveyor technology within the food industry. Here it is used as a base material for bearing bushings, curve guiding, slide- and guide sheets, idle pulleys, gear- and chain wheels as well as chain guides and deflection rollers. Oilamid® FG is available in the colour blue as customized component parts or as semi finished engineering plastic in the shape of sheets, rods or tubes. On special request Oilamid® FG can be produced in the colour yellow or natural and / or as a customized monocast part.