Guangdong Liansu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Liansu machinery manufacturing co.,ltd. became a bright spot in 2013 international plastics exhibition again

From May 20th to 23rd 2013, the 27th session of China International Plastic Rubber Industry Exhibition was officially kicked off in Guangzhou Pazhou exhibition hall. Guangdong Liansu machinery manufacturing co.,ltd. outshine others in this exhibition machinery zone heartland. 260 square meters’ unique pavilion design embodied its atmosphere but not luxury. What’s more, machinery and equipment on display was heavy attack, mostly with high configuration, high standard, high-performance, energy-saving and environmental protection of Liansu machine's unique design concept and theme. Simultaneously in many sessions of Plastics and Rubber exhibitions,Liansu firstly adopted the intelligent remote control system mode. Immediate operation of Shunde factory production equipment and production line through the intelligent remote control system with LED screen displayed in front of customers, made customers in Guangzhou area have fully immersive feeling of factory production field’s experience , became the unique highlight of the whole exhibition area. During the exhibition, Liansu Group’s board chairman Huang Lianxi, President Zuo Manlun, Vice-president Lai Zhiqiang and Liansu machinery company General Manager Zhang Weiguang and other leaders went to the scene to inspect and guide relevant work.

On this exhibition,Liansu exhibited a variety of late-model extrusion equipment and production line. The Guangzhou pavilion consisted of GLSS65-35 single screw extruder without reduction box, LSPD-75/26 flat twin-screw extruder, LSE-65/132 conical twin-screw extruder; LSWQ-1200 HDPE pipe no-chip cutting machine, and LSP-110PVC pipe chipless cutting machine. Meanwhile, through the intelligent remote control system, in Shunde factory exhibited zone, to display LSP-160PVC single-pipe production line, LSP-63PP-R single-pipe production line, LSFP-32PVC line pipe four- pipe production line, LS-CFM 1300/1 lithium battery septum production line, LSP-1000PVC polyvinyl chloride pipe production line and LSP-160PPH three-layer co-extruded polypropylene pipe production line. Using information technology to provide customers with clear introduction company products, let the customer more intuitive understanding of the performance of machine and production process. At the same time also exhibited all kinds of pipe fittings, cast film, profiles and other products. Attracted many customers at home and abroad to come to consult negotiate.

During the exposition, Liansu exhibited zone attracted customers at home and abroad flocked ,crowd surge; received group after group of customers. At the same time, the company also offered shuttle service for the intention of customers to on-site visit the Shunde plant .The company's powerful strength has been affirmed by customers and praise, not only to win the old customers' confidence, but also to shape good Liansu brand image.

Liansu will continue to invest the research and development of extrusion equipment more suited to market requirements!