Leveling the playing field with a policy manual, Part 2: Quoting and getting paid


It's time to get tough with your customers. Huh? Although it hardly seems like the business climate will allow it, setting forth guidelines for your potential clients to follow will actually make you more profitable than if you regularly low-ball your quotes. In this second chapter of a four-part series, you'll learn how to create a policy manual that protects you from predatory business. (Read the first chapter, on establishing your policy manual, here. Chapters 3 & 4 will be published in the next issues of e-Shots.)-Bill Tobin

2. How you quote

You quote a job with the full intent of getting it. Many companies (in the name of goodwill) will quote a job along with giving advice on how to make the job run better. While there's nothing wrong with this service, don't get hooked into requoting the same job over and over again with more and more design recommendations. What your customer is doing is milking you for free consultant advice. He really doesn't care how many man-hours you invest in critiquing his parts. He'll simply cross-quote you and go elsewhere....
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