Less is more for Prism Plastics’ business model


The last two decades have been a roller coaster ride for many molding companies and their employees. But for three long-time plastics industry management people, the lessons learned have been incorporated into their injection molding business, which started out small but has seen good growth and expansion. Three partners, all vice presidents, are Rod Bricker, Gerry Phillips and Jerry Williams. The trio started Prism Plastics LLC. in November 1999, and opened their first molding facility in 2000, just as the first "mini-recession" was beginning to hit the industry.

In a conversation with PlasticsToday, Gerry Phillips talked about the strategies that have made Prism Plastics successful in a decade that for many molders, has been anything but. "When we started Prism Plastics, we said we weren't going to be a Tier 1 automotive supplier," stated Phillips....
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