Lego: Just another brick in the wall of censorship, per Ai Weiwei


Do you have some random Lego pieces laying around—and who doesn't—that are not being put to good use? You might want to consider donating them to Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.

The Danish toy company declined to fulfill a bulk order from Ai Weiwei for plastic bricks that he planned to use to create art pieces for an exhibition in Melbourne, Australia, in December. The company reportedly told the artist that it does not directly sell to anyone using its products to make a political statement. A massive grass-roots social media outburst supporting the dissident artist immediately sprang up, with supporters offering to send their Lego collections to Ai for use in his installation. The public response has been such, reports the BBC, that the artist is setting up Lego collection points in various cities. "In response to Lego's refusal and the overwhelming public response, Ai Weiwei has now decided to make a new work to defend freedom of speech and 'political art,' " wrote the BBC, citing a post on the artist's Instagram account today.
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