Lear opens electrical systems plant in Morocco


Lear Corp.'s (Southfield, MI) Electrical Power Management Systems business has opened a 14,340 square-meter facility in Rabat, Morocco to supply European automakers including BMW, Renault, and Volkswagen. At this time, the facility has 130 employees but has plans to employ approximately 230 by the end of 2011.

The company says the plant's location enables easy shipment to Europe, reducing travel time and costs, while increasing flexibility and allowing for quicker response to customer preferences. Globally, Lear employs 92,500 people at 200 facilities in 35 countries. The bulk of its business is in the seating segment, with only 30 of those 200 sites strictly serving the automotive electrical/electronic segment.

Lear has an existing site in Morocco, located in Tangier, with that plant serving its seating and electrical businesses. Elsewhere in Africa it has an electrical facility in Bir El Bey, Tunisia, as well as three seating sites in South Africa....
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