Latest surveys reflect auto's mixed signals


Is the automotive industry feeling optimistic or pessimistic? It depends on who you ask. Two recently released surveys reveal a paradox in the industry, that while North American vehicle production continues to trend upward, sales are “way off from the 17 million cars per year automakers were selling in 2007,” according to a second-annual automotive industry survey from Booz & Company, which surveyed OEM executives.

May’s Automotive Supplier Barometer from the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) shows little change overall from the survey results in March, with “Somewhat More Optimistic” responses decreasing by 8% while “Somewhat More Pessimistic” increasing by 7%. Oddly enough, companies with revenue of less than $50 million were more optimistic in this survey, whereas pessimism increased for mid- and large-size companies, according to the OESA summary of results.
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