Latch is molded from 50%-filled specialty nylon


A newly developed latching device maintains balance and stability and helps prevent falls for wheelchair users.

Transfer Solutions (Galesburg, IL) applied for a patent on the device, which secures a wheelchair to a fixed object like a bed, toilet, or shower during transfer.

"Until now, no product has specifically addressed the danger of falls related to wheelchair tips during transfers," says Paul Johnson, managing partner with Transfer Solutions. The Translock features an
engineered "lock and dock" design with a pivotal arm clamp engaged through the use of a lever button, or through contact and pressure in a docking situation.

Injuries from falls in hospitals and in home-based care are a significant problem, both in terms of patient care and in the costs to treat injuries. It's projected that $54 billion in direct and indirect expenses will be incurred globally for fall-related injuries by 2020....
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