Laser sintering system builds mold in double-quick time


Laser sintering has reportedly set new standards in terms of part quality and reproducibility, at the same time improving cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness, with the EOSINT M 280 from EOS (Frankfurt am Main, Germany). "The EOSINT M 280 adopts all features and advantages of the well-established EOSINT M 270 system, and makes it even more attractive for a wide range of demanding applications including tooling and series production," says Peter Klink, executive VP global sales at EOS.

To date, EOS has sold about 270 metal systems. Numerous users are already using the EOSINT M 270 for series production in a variety of fields, including medical products and tooling. Many other users are actively qualifying the technology for their production. Based on feedback from many of these customers as well as its own innovative ideas, EOS has now further significantly developed the technology with its EOSINT M 280....
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