Laser's edge in micromachining medical plastic parts

As the medical device industry adjusts to a new business paradigm that is all about containing costs and proving not just the clinical but the economic value of new technologies, it needs to question an array of ingrained practices, starting with how it manufactures its products. From that perspective, and depending on the application, industry would do well to take a closer look at laser-based manufacturing processes, says Glenn Ogura, Executive Vice President of Business Development at laser micromachining systems supplier Resonetics (Nashua, NH).

"Lasers and automation can bring tremendous value to medtech companies, which often still rely on manual labor," says Ogura. "In the medtech space, you still see rows of operators punching holes in tubing and peering through microscopes to check coatings. The drive to lower healthcare costs by its nature will force manufacturers to change practices," says Ogura. His mission is to explain why lasers are the change you've been waiting for. They are ideally suited for the repeatable and reliable machining of miniature parts that make devices tick while reducing development costs and accelerating time to market.

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