Large pipe technology from Krah used for wastewater treatment plant in Peru

Earlier this year, pipe/tube winding equipment manufacturer PPA & Krah supplied polyethylene pipes DN/ID 3000 for a deep water outfall pipeline in Lima, Peru. Krah said that previously the company had successfully installed large outfall pipelines in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, but that one of the challenges in this project was to open a new site for the Krah large pipe technology in the Pacific Ocean.

The Taboada wastewater treatment plant is one of the largest constructions for sewage treatment in the world and the aim of the project was to boost the treatment of sewage water in Lima and the neighboring city of Callao, while reducing ocean pollution and also improve the health conditions in the area. The Taboada plant, which is located in Callao, is reportedly the largest water-treatment center in South America and will increase sewage treatment to 75% from the current 16%, according to the La Republica....

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