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La Seda: New Petauto division to encourage automotive recycling

In its latest effort to redefine itself in the face of huge financial troubles, ailing PET giant La Seda de Barcelona (Barcelona / Spain; www.laseda.es) has established Petauto, a new business unit geared toward recycling in the automotive industry.

The brainchild of a cooperative effort with Spanish automotive R&D group Ficosa (Barcelona; www.ficosa.com) and the family-owned Zanini group (Barcelona / Spain; www.zanini.com), Petauto potentially could give La Seda access to a 300,000 t/y PET market – the equivalent of the annual volume of polyamid and ABS compounds consumed by Europe’s automotive industry. So far, the business partnership has developed a rear mirror and a wheelcap made entirely of PET, the patent rights for which La Seda already has filed for.

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