LSR is sound material choice for high-end audio system


SIMTEC Silicone Parts (Miramar, FL), a custom manufacturer of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) parts and LSR two-shot components, has a highly diversified customer base, producing parts for automotive, medical, cosmetic, food and beverage, kitchenware, consumer goods, and industrial applications. It recently welcomed a new customer—a manufacturer of high-end audio equipment—and application to its portfolio. Why are so many companies in so many sectors beating a path to SIMTEC's door? Company president Enrique Camacho chalks it up to the unique properties of LSR that make it desirable for a range of industries and product segments coupled with the in-house expertise and resources of SIMTEC.

Suited for durable, high-volume part manufacturing, LSR is nonreactive, stable, and resistant to extreme temperatures while still maintaining its properties, says Camacho. Combining it with a thermoplastic material in a two-shot injection molding process imparts other unique performance characteristics. The new audio application is a typical example of an innovative two-shot LSR solution, Camacho told PlasticsToday, noting that LSR technology had not been used in this sector prior to SIMTEC's involvement.
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