LPKF Laser & Electronics AG Laser Welding Division

LPKF Laser Welding Expands

The LPKF Laser Welding Team in front of the new building
Relocation from Erlangen to Fuerth doubles production area

Since being set up in 2001, the laser plastic welding department has seen its workforce grow to more than 100 employees. Despite repeated expansions at the current location in Erlangen it is bursting out of its seams. As already announced by management, LPKF has now acquired a production building that offers growth potential for this area of the business.

“At around 14 million euros, the purchase of the production building in Fürth is the largest single investment in the company’s history,” explains LPKF CEO Dr. Ingo Bretthauer. He says that this goes to show the growth potential LPKF sees in laser plastic welding.

These high expectations are based on the results of the past. The growth rates were in double-digits from the beginning. Especially when it comes to demanding joining tasks, laser plastic welding is rapidly replacing conventional processes today. It only needs simple work holding devices, creates visually appealing weld seams and reduces the reject rate during the welding process due to its sophisticated monitoring technologies.

Potential for expansion at the previous location was clearly exhausted. Even auxiliary buildings were converted to storage and production areas in the last few years. The new building was first built in 2008 and is only ten kilometers away in Fuerth. With a production area of around 10,000 square meters, it will end up 2.5 times as big as the previous location. The Application Center for optimization of customized processes also gets more space. LPKF has also acquired an additional undeveloped area for later expansion. Office spaces will be converted before staff relocation.

Frank Brunnecker, director of the laser welding department, initially expects a noticeable reduction in delivery times. In addition, he wants to further increase the quality of the systems and offer better access to the technology for interested persons at the customer technical center.
Production is scheduled to start in August – with the preliminary work for this already in full swing. According to Brunnecker, final relocation of all employees will be completed in 2014.