Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG Ink-Jet und Kamera Systeme

LEIBINGER JET3 optimized for marking on plastics

Software and accessories innovations at the K 2013

At the K expo 2013 Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG presents inkjet printers for product marking, camera systems for verification as well as numerous new features that make production processes much easier. Highlight at the trade fair for plastics and rubber will be the high-end inkjet printer JET3 whose software and accessories had been expanded for customer needs, e.g. for coding on plastic. Brought samples or example patterns will be marked live by the small character inkjet printer at booth B60 in hall 13!


The LEIBINGER JET3 prints on all possible products like extrusions- and injection molding parts as well as all surfaces like flat, curved or rough. The printing works with the continuous inkjet principle: contactless, during the production and with quick-drying inks. The integrated automatic nozzle seal "Sealtronic" also prevents the ink from drying even at longer production breaks. The printer is ready to use anytime. For trade show visitors, who often mark plastic-, and rubber products, the JET3 series is very suitable. With the JET3mi micro-prints can be realized and for printing bright colors on dark surfaces the JET3pi with high contrast inks is the right choice.

At the LEIBINGER booth at the K expo, held from October 16th to 23th 2013 in Düsseldorf, people interested can get information about the practical innovations of the JET3 series. For branches like the plastic and rubber manufacturing two software improvements make marking and coding tasks more simply. With the software extension "prompt function” production staff can update a print job data very quick and easy. For instance DataMatrix codes or lot or item numbers can be changed in seconds while other areas protected by the administrator can´t be touched at all. Potential errors are thus prevented effectively. Moreover, the Shoot-and-Print function contributes to an increase of the production safety in the everyday operation. Instead of selecting a job number, the corresponding print job is simply loaded via handheld scanners. This prevents typos and a wrong job choice. Both software innovations are standard in the JET3 models. Optional the JET3 is now also available with a precision print head. Thus, the print position is always guaranteed with a repeatability of 0.1 mm, even after replacement of the print head.

In addition to the inkjet printers, LEIBINGER introduces his very flexible multiple usable camera system LKS 5. The high-resolution camera reads, decodes and controls fixed and variable data, text segments and bar codes "on the fly“. Furthermore a comparison between variable data and a database is possible. The production protocol gives a good overview about the job history. At K LEIBINGER presents a new software module for the LKS 5. Based on preset reference values, with this module for instance register deviations or changes in the parallelism can be determined. Also dispensed products such as cards or merchandise samples are checked for their presence and their exact position. Ejection device are driven with the LEIBINGER controller reliably.