LED materials: DSM counters with high-reflectance polyamide grade


Competition is heating up in the market for plastic materials used in LED lighting market. Ticona (Sulzbach, Germany) recently debuted a high-reflectance polycyclohexylene-dimethylene terephthalates (PCT) material for LED applications claiming superiority over high-temperature polyamides, while DSM Engineering Plastics' (Singapore) is countering with the introduction of a high-temperature, halogen-free flame retardant grade of polyamide (PA) 46 as a material solution for LED packages. The grade is marketed as Stanyl ForTii LED LX.

The high-flow material is a mineral-filled grade, and its excellent UV resistance reportedly sets a new standard for LED packages. Stanyl ForTii LED LX is said to deliver good reliability performance over time and, more specifically, high initial reflectivity, as well as excellent mechanical strength....
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