LANXESS: prices increase for HNBR rubber and chloroprene rubber

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS has adjusted its prices for its HNBR rubber Therban effective June 1, 2011. Depending on the region, the prices are rising by up to EUR 1,300 per metric ton (USD 2,000 per metric ton).

At the same time, the price for Baypren chloroprene rubber is increasing by up to EUR 400 per metric ton (USD 600 per metric ton), also depending on region. Existing contractual agreements are being taken into account.

Reasons for this price rise are continuously increasing raw material, energy and other costs.

Therban is a high-performance rubber developed by LANXESS specifically for demanding applications. The elastomer is characterized by good resistance to high temperatures and in contact with fuels, oil and ozone. Therban is therefore used, for example, in the automotive industry for the manufacture of v-belts and toothed belts and for the stator/rotor systems of drill heads in the oil extraction industry.

The chloroprene rubber Baypren is suitable, for example, for the manufacture of cable sheathing, hoses, belts and air springs.