LANXESS increases prices for polyamide 6.6 products and rubber chemicals

Specialty chemicals group LANXESS is going to increase the prices for certain plastics and rubber chemicals effective April 1, 2010 due to higher costs.

The Semi-Crystalline Products business unit announced an increase for its polyamide 6.6 products (Durethan A) by EUR 0.35 per kg in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The prices for the rubber chemicals Vulkanox, Vulkacit and Renacit will be adjusted globally by the Rubber Chemicals business unit by up to EUR 0.20 per kg, depending on product and region. This adjustment is valid for all supply forms.

With its particular property profile, Durethan is ideal for applications in the automotive and electrical/electronics industries as well as construction. As a substitute for metals or rubbers, this engineering plastic is suitable, for example, for the production of hollow parts for ducting air in engine compartments.

Vulkanox is used as an antioxidant, Vulkacit as an accelerator and Renacit as a peptizer. Rubber chemicals are essential products for the rubber industry, e.g. in tire manufacturing or the production of hoses, profiles and driving belts.

More Information: www.lanxess.com