LANXESS: Sales in Greater China targeted to exceed EUR 1 billion in 2012

LANXESS is continuing to focus on the growing Chinese market and is targeting sales of more than EUR 1 billion there in 2012, announced the company.

"Greater China will continue to be a cornerstone of our fast-growing Asian business," said the Chairman of the Board of Management of LANXESS, Axel C. Heitmann, prior to the company's second Rubber Day China being held in Beijing on December 2. "Our technology-driven products, which enable sustainable mobility, will play a major part in achieving this sales target."

China has been a particular focus of LANXESS' global growth strategy ever since the Group was founded. Since 2005, LANXESS has achieved strong sales growth every year in Greater China, i.e. mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. In 2010, sales were around EUR 800 million in Greater China, which represents 11 percent of total Group sales. The number of employees has also risen rapidly since 2005, from 580 to 950 at present.

LANXESS is currently represented by all 13 business units at 10 sites in Greater China. The most recent investment projects include the construction of a plant for leather chemicals in Changzhou, the expansion of high-tech plastics production in Wuxi and the launch of a new joint venture for the production and marketing of nitrile rubber in Nantong.

Premium rubber for ‘Green Tires' in China
LANXESS is not only the world's leading manufacturer of synthetic rubber, but also the market leader in high-performance rubbers for ‘Green Tires', which are more fuel-efficient, more durable and safer than standard tires. With an annual growth rate of around 10 percent, ‘Green Tires' is the fastest-growing segment in the global tire industry. Demand is being driven by the megatrend mobility, above all in the regions of Asia and Latin America, as the middle class there becomes more affluent.

China is the world´s largest car market and demand is expected to rise by nine percent per year in the coming years. Around 400 million car tires are produced in China each year - one-third of global tire production. LANXESS supplies leading tire manufacturers in China such as Triangle, Cheng-Shin and Linglong.

Partner for Rubber Day China
The China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) is the partner for Rubber Day China. The conference is also supported by the two Chinese industrial associations for rubber and synthetic rubbers, the German Institute of Rubber Technology (DIK), Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST). Around 350 representatives from business, academia, the media and local authorities will take part in the event, along with the German Ambassador to China, Dr. Michael Schaefer.

Expansion of research partnership with Qingdao University
On the sidelines of the Rubber Day, LANXESS and the University of Qingdao are set to sign an agreement to extend their partnership, which has been in place since 2008. The primary aim of the individual agreements concluded by the LANXESS business units Technical Rubber Products and Butyl Rubber is to extend partnerships, with a view to supporting particularly talented students. Qingdao University is the center of rubber research in China.