LANXESS: Price adjustment for engineering plastics

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS AG is to increase its prices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for Durethan Compounds (Polyamide Compounds, PA) by Euro 0.10 per kilogram and for Pocan Compounds (Polybutylenterephthalate Compounds, PBT) by at least Euro 0.15 per kilogram effective September 1, 2011. Flame retardant Pocan Compounds will increase by Euro 0.35 per kilogram.

This price adjustment has become unavoidable because the costs have risen significantly, reports the company.

The high-performance plastics Durethan and Pocan are used in numerous applications in the automotive, electrical/electronics and household industries.

The Semi-Crystalline Products business unit belongs to the Performance Polymers segment, which achieved sales of EUR 3.782 billion in 2010.