LANXESS: Price adjustment for Durethan und Pocan

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is to increase the prices of its high-tech plastics Durethan and Pocan by 0.30 EUR per kg in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The adjustment will be effective as of May 25, 2011. It is the inevitable result of increases in the cost of additives, raw materials and energy, says the company.

Both product lines consist of exceptionally versatile polymer materials with high innovation potential. They are used mainly for manufacturing a wide range of technically sophisticated components. Products made of the polyamides Durethan, namely PA 6 and PA 6.6, and PBT polyesters (polybutylene terephthalate) Pocan can resist considerable mechanical loads and stresses and display outstanding reliability in continuous service. Their main fields of application are in the electrical/electronics industry, in the production of domestic appliances, in the construction industry, in medicine, sports and leisure, and in the automotive industry, which is the business unit´s biggest customer. LANXESS high-tech plastics of the Semi-Crystalline Products (SCP) business unit help to replace metals with lighter-weight plastic alternatives, reports LANXESS.

The SCP business unit, one of the world´s leading producers of PA and PBT, is part of the LANXESS Performance Polymers segment, which posted sales in fiscal 2010 of 3.782 billion euros.