LANXESS: First Michelin Supplier Award for synthetic rubber pioneer

German specialty chemicals company and synthetic rubber pioneer LANXESS has received the Michelin Supplier Award 2010 from Michelin SCA, Clermont-Ferrand, France. With this accolade, awarded by the global tire corporation for the first time this year, the Michelin Executive Committee wants to recognize partners that have helped the company in a special way to achieve its high quality goals, and that are exemplary in meeting Michelin´s high standards.

"We consider it a great honor to be one of the winners of the first Michelin Supplier Award,” said Dr. Joachim Grub, head of the LANXESS Performance Butadiene Rubbers business unit, at the official award ceremony in France on June 15, 2011.

"Tire industry experts rightfully view Michelin as one of the major technology leaders in the field. The company stands for innovation and sustainable mobility,” Grub continued. "And both of these keywords relate closely to the capabilities of modern, high-performance synthetic rubber, such as neodymium-polybutadiene rubber (Nd-BR). LANXESS is the only supplier to produce this critical rubber raw material in three global regions. Furthermore, LANXESS not only markets the material, it also works to advance it to an even higher level and, more importantly, to tailor it to the specific needs of demanding partners such as Michelin.”

"Just like Michelin in the tire industry, LANXESS is a global player in specialty chemicals. We deliver products to Michelin from all the six synthetic rubber sites we operate worldwide. This way, we can help our customers maintain a high level of quality everywhere in the world,” explained Grub. "That's why there's such good chemistry between us! Our partners are starting to acknowledge this, as shown by this first Supplier Award, confirming both the effectiveness of our strategy, and the increasingly important role high-quality rubber products will play in the future.”

"Synthetic rubber products are more than just our core business. As successor to the inventor of synthetic rubber, we feel obliged to propel this material class into the future using all our know-how,” said Grub. "For this reason, we will work hard to ensure that the confidence Michelin has put in our high-performance products continues to be justified in the years to come.”