LADWP dismissed from lawsuit against JM Eagle


Another entity listed in the original complaint filed in 2006 against JM Eagle for allegedly selling defective pipe to various states and municipalities, has been dropped from the suit at its request. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

filed paperwork in November requesting to be dismissed from a qui tam lawsuit against JM Eagle, the world's largest manufacturer of plastic pipe. The week of Dec. 12, a federal court judge granted the request and officially removed the nation's largest public utility from the "ever-shrinking list of interveners" in the qui tam action, according to a press release from JM Eagle.

"The lawsuit, which has already been shown to have significant weaknesses, falsely accuses JM Eagle of knowingly selling sub-standard plastic pipe to its government customers," noted the release in providing background information. The original complaint was filed by the law firm Phillips & Cohen LLP, and listed a number of government entities as "real parties in interest."...
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