Caccia Engineering S.r.l.


Caccia Engineering Srl have always been sensitive to the particular needs of research centers and analysis laboratories that are working in the thermoplastic polymers field, for example the last machine, model ROTAUT type RT1051B, with one offset arm, a digital burner for LPG and an OMRON PLC, has been recently supplied to a big Multinational Company based in Belgium.
In particular, producers of the polymers that are used in Rotational Moulding or laboratories and research centers need machines to enable the study of the chemical-physic processes of the raw materials. This enables the Research Centres to produce samples that give actual real time documentation of how the material has reacted to the process.

In fact, the large number of tests carried out on rotomoulded items are based on the scientific method; which is the collection of empirical and measurable data through observation and instrumental experimentation (Melt Flow Index, Density, resistance to traction and impact, reticulation, Dispersion, softening point, etc.) but also allows the formulation of hypothesis and theories that should be and need to be experimented.

Caccia Engineering Srl laboratory machines completely reflect these restrictive characteristics and much more.
We offer flexibility by means of a wide spectrum of Machine Parameters which grants the possibility to produce any items from the most simplest to the more complex or technical in any type of Material available on the current market. Caccia Engineering machines offer researchers a built in System for measuring the Inside temperature of the Moulds that allows an in-depth analysis of how the material is reacting during the machine cycle. This program is intergrated in the machine Control Unit.

Caccia Engineering, as a company, have always respected the environmental issues and this is reflected in the design and manufacturing of their machines, by the low energy consumption but High Efficiency throughout the range, granting a high added value in terms of productivity and ecological sustainability, even marking their equipment with the ECO-FRIENDLY logo. A philosophy also used on the Laboratory machines. The progress of a Company is also judged according to the responsibility and environmental sustainability element, intended to improve life and territory quality.
Thanks to the use of Sensorless-Vector inverters complete with Energy-Saving functions, specific software, digital burners and advanced devices (patent pending), Caccia Engineering can confirm an approximate saving of up to 38% against other traditional machines.
The Laboratory Rotational machines have paid particular attention to the thermal bridges, so to reduce further the dispersions of heat and fumes into the environment during the machines process.
Caccia Engineering can offer several different ways of Heating their Lab Machine Ovens; LPG, Natural Gas and Electrical while offering a maximum Spherical Diameter of 1050mm and the options of Straight or Offset Arms.

As all the Caccia Range of Machines, the Laboratory machine is manufactured to a High Safety Standard and follow the UNI-EN & CE Directives.