Kuraray: Expand of TROSIFOL film production in Troisdorf

Kuraray is planning to increase production capacity for TROSIFOL PVB film at its site in Troisdorf, near Cologne in Germany. The company announced to invest nearly EUR 20 million in an additional production line, which will increase capacity enormously when it comes on stream at year-end 2013. Kuraray is also investigating strategic options to increase capacity in Asia with a strong focus on India.

The investment is a response to rising global demand from the automotive industry for PVB film for laminated safety glass and should greatly increase TROSIFOL´s share of this market. As Kuraray states, TROSIFOL is already Europe´s leading supplier of PVB film for the production of laminated safety glass for architectural glazing.

"The new production line in Troisdorf will be specifically geared to the automotive industry´s stringent quality requirements," says Ralf Eschrich, who heads the TROSIFOL Division at Kuraray Europe GmbH. "At the same time, we will be stepping up the number of staff working in research & development and technical service. The aim is to raise our presence in this key growth market and position ourselves as a strong and competent partner for customers in the automotive industry."