Kungsörs Plast: Unique approval for KPS conductive pipes in Germany

After extensive tests, German authorities have approved the use of KPS conductive plastic pipes for use at German petrol stations. The Swedish manufacturer thereby becomes the first to be able to supply plastic petrol pipes to the German market.

Germany has the most restrictive rules in Europe regarding approval for petrol pipes, and a special rule on permeation which is different to the European standard. Only pipes with zero permeation are allowed to be used. In practice, this has meant that only steel pipes have been approved until now, but now the break-through has come for plastic pipes.

After several extensive tests of Swedish supplier KPS’s conductive pipes, the company’s pipes have been approved for the German market. An important factor in the approval process have been the involvement of LAWA (Bund/Länder- Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wasser), a federal body working with protection of ground water, and which, after consideration of the tests and results has given their support for an approval.

„The test institute has announced that the tests of the pipes gave a permeation result so low that it is to be considered equal to zero,” says Mr Lars Selling, CEO of KPS. “We are very proud that our pipes are the first of their kind to pass the tough German demands on safety and environmental protection. It is the result of research, development and advanced manufacturing technology. We now look forward to be able to offer the German market a competitive alternative which is corrosion-free, conductive and very quick and easy to install.”

A big market potential
„Today, Germany has the most petrol stations in Europe, and is thereby the largest market for petrol pipes, and the German approval opens the door to a substantial new market. – There is a great demand for our pipes from the major oil companies in Germany,” says Fredrik Hellner, Sales & Marketing Director. “There are also well established installation companies on the German market who have shown interest in our products. The German approval is an acknowledgement of the quality of KPS products, and it also gives an important signal to other markets, like Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg, countries that have similar rules and a strong tradition of using steel pipes.“

More Information: www.kpsystem.com