Kuhne: Flat Film Division presents new direct PET extrusion line

"PET is the perfect thermoforming material as it is transparent, easily printable, has excellent mechanical properties and a keen price/performance ratio," says Stephan Halstrick, CEO of Kuhne GmbH with headquarters in Sankt Augustin/Germany. He is convinced that PET is the material of the future, which is why the German machinery manufacturing specialist now offers direct extrusion lines with twin-screw extruders alongside its tried-and-tested flat film lines.

Series with three types of co-rotating twin-screw extruders
The new KCE Kuhne Compact Extruder Series is comprised of three types of co-rotating twin-screw extruders with diameters between 75 and 110 mm, processing lengths of 36 D and output rates between 800 kg/h and 2 t/h. The new extruders are suitable for processing a-PET, r-PET and c-PET. These extruders are at the heart of Kuhne´s complete direct extrusion line from a single source.

"Our extrusion lines are renowned for their high level of availability. When we developed our KCE series, we paid particular attention to energy efficiency," Halstrick explains. This was achieved by implementing an energy-saving drive system and a special design, which allows processing PET with a relatively high initial moisture of up to 6,000 ppm without pre-drying. In addition to the extruder, Kuhne´s complete direct extrusion line features three degassing systems, gravimetric metering, a melt pump as well as an automatic rotational melt filter, a flat-sheet die with internal deckling system, polishing stack and winders. The lines may also be configured for co-extrusion and can be equipped with a silicone spray system and a primer PE coating station as an option.

First direct extrusion for French manufacturer
Shortly, Kuhne´s first direct extrusion line will come on-stream at the facility of a French manufacturer of thermoformed packaging for food and medical products. The co-extrusion line with KCE 75 produces three-layer PET film with a total output of 1,100 kg/h. The two outer layers will contain either anti-blocking, colouring or non-slip agents.

More Information: www.kuhne.de