Krones acquires rights to TripleS labelling technology

Krones AG has signed an agreement with the Canadian firm CCL Industries covering the development and worldwide marketing of labelling technology for TripleS stretch-sleeve films.

TripleS is a stretch-sleeve film specially developed by CCL, exhibiting an exceptionally high degree of elasticity and capable of decorating the entire surface of contoured containers, comparable to conventional shrink-sleeve applications. The stretching capability of the TripleS film, at 55 per cent, is more than twice as high as with conventional stretch-sleeve films, where the figure is in the range of 20 per cent. The TripleS sleeves are concomitantly smaller, and accordingly need less material. Moreover, a shrink tunnel is no longer required, since TripleS, by virtue of its elasticity and recovery properties, fits snugly against the bottle contours involved.

TripleS sleeves are particularly well suited for individually designed containers with strikingly shaped visual appeal. This creates multifaceted advantages in practice. In addition, TripleS, in its capacity as recyclable container dress, reduces CO2 emissions and makes a perceptible contribution towards corporate cost-efficiency.

Krones AG is currently developing a new labeller designed specifically for TripleS sleeves, scheduled for market launch in late 2010.

Guenther Birkner, Vice President of the CCL Group, comments: “Krones is the world’s leading manufacturer of labelling technology. This alliance enables us to make TripleS as a new form of decoration accessible to our customers all over the world significantly faster. Which means CCL can concentrate on its core business of producing labels, and further extend its technological lead.”

About CCL Industries
CCL Industries, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, employs around 5,700 people and operates 59 production facilities worldwide. CCL is the world’s largest producer of pressure-sensitive labels, and a leading manufacturer of stretch and shrink sleeves.

More Information: www.krones.com