Kreyenborg + Seebach: Efficient depth filtration of gels in polymerization

In accordance with state of the art technology different screen elements are usually used in all kind of screen changers (slide plates, piston screen changers or rotary discs) which are manufactured by woven wire mesh with different kinds of weaving. These simple wire mesh screens are specifically only suitable for surface filtration, where solid dirt particles are separated from the fluid.

Additionally, for optically sophisticated products, so-called gels (e.g. short-chain polymer molecules), which often vary from the main polymer only by the different viscosity have to be filtered out of the polymer melt.

For such filtration tasks KREYENBORG and Seebach use filterdisc elements, which define the filtration quality by using a special fleece as the core layer of the filter element. Viscoelastic dirt particles are stored in the fleece cells and are not separated on the surface as in the wire mesh. Because of that the achievable quality of the melt purity can be optimized significantly and the final product can be used for more demanding tasks. At the same time the active filtration area is considerably increased.

KREYENBORG and Seebach present the new filterdisc design in piston screen changers at the K 2010 in Hall 9 booth no. A44 and in Hall 10 booth no. G61.

More Information: www.kreyenborg.de, www.seebach.com

K 2010, 27.10.-3.11.2010, Düsseldorf,
Hall 9, Stand A44 und Hall 10, Stand G61