Kreyenborg: Infrared dryer for 3.500 kg/h PET bottle flakes

The impressive throughput rate of 3,500 kg/h PET bottle flakes is the characteristic of the largest infrared drum (IRD) ever realized which was delivered by KREYENBORG PLANT TECHNOLOGY in the first half of 2010. The IRD with the remarkable dimensions of 2,500 mm drum diameter and 5,400 mm drum length, with 540 kW of installed radiator output, opens up new dimensions for the processing of recycled PET bottles.

The large machine is designed to dry PET bottle flakes with a bulk density of about 0.35 kg/dm ³, from max. 1 % initial moisture to < 0.05% and to crystallize it at the same time. It is important for these applications to achieve a homogeneous residual moisture of the flakes. In practice this can be subject to significant variations due to the treatment process and the storage of the material. Due to the short residence time of 10-15 minutes, there is significantly less material in the drying process than in conventional systems. This typical advantage of the IRD is of immense help, as no bulky drying vessels are needed - particularly at large throughput rates combined with the low bulk density of the flakes, announced the company.

With the infrared drying technology KREYENBORG PLANT TECHNOLOGY is present on the market since 2005. They offer machine sizes from 20 - 4,000 kg/h throughput rates, both in continuous and batch operation.