Kreyenborg: Continuously working screen changers increase plant productivity in blown film extrusion

Kreyenborg GmbH has equipped several plants for the production of blown film by Hosokawa Alpine Aktiengesellschaft with continuous screen changers of the type K-SWE. To guarantee an absolutely smooth and reliable filter change during operation, the screen changers were provided with a separate control. The retrofit should eliminate production line shutdowns during filter change and improve the filtration result, i.e. aiming at an increase in plant availability and productivity.

As Kreyenborg explains, the state of technology within blown film plants almost exclusively includes simple, discontinuous screen changer systems which make it necessary to shut down the line for filter change. These are commonly known as slide plate filtration systems. Kreyenborg's K-SWE screen changer is a filtration system that enables the exchange of the mesh without interrupting the production. This means the system can continue running while dirty filter elements are replaced or filtration finenesses for different production batches are changed.

The operator benefits from the new filtration technique, as the number of necessary start-up processes is reduced to a minimum and the production of rejects or the start-up losses due to filter changes are reduced significantly. The result is an increased production capacity together with an improved filtration performance, which is reflected in the quality of the produced film, says Kreyenborg.