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KraussMaffei set to present a barrage of products at K 2013 for reaction process machinery customers

The new Vario nozzle has no moving seals and ensures excellent process conditions with every shot.
(Munich, June 12, 2013) KraussMaffei will present a large number of product innovations for polyurethane (PUR) processing at the K 2013 in Düsseldorf (October 16 to 23, 2013, Hall 15 (B27 / C24 / C27 / D24)). The range of products will extend from the new universal mold carrier and optimized metering technology through to innovative detailed solutions for mixing heads in order to increase process stability and the operating time when processing modern reactive resins.

Electric universal mold carrier
During K 2013 KraussMaffei will present a new electrically driven universal mold carrier with a framework structure and a clamping force of 400 kN. The large mold fixing area measuring 1.6 x 1.1 m is suitable for various applications, especially backfoaming instrument panels. “Fast movement sequences reduce the production time," said Nicolas Beyl, President of the Reaction Process Machinery Segment at KraussMaffei. “The swiveling mold fixing platens make it easier to remove parts and insert carriers, thus providing the user with the best possible ergonomics." The electric drive unit also leads to lower energy consumption, primarily in non-moving phases, and therefore increases production efficiency.

Metering technology for abrasive materials with flame retardancy
Wear-optimized pump metering machines from the RimStar series of KraussMaffei are now available to customers for polyurethane matrix systems featuring flame retardant additives such as expandable graphite or titanium oxide. This latest generation of pump machines gives users an even wider field of application in terms of materials and output rates, thus ensuring high availability and process stability over a long production period. As the centerpiece of every RimStar machine, these pumps represent a core competence of KraussMaffei and are produced in different sizes only in the company. For processing amine- or acid-containing reactive systems, the pumps will be provided with stainless steel. Thus makes the pumps highly corrosion-resistant.

Vario nozzle - Constant mixing pressure with a variable output rate
Polyurethane systems for multi-hardness soft foam processing for upholstery or rigid-foam isolation for refrigerators must offer a broad processing window for shot weights and mass flows in order that different output rates and molds can be facilitated in a single installation. The new KraussMaffei Vario nozzle scores points in this application area because it guarantees constant pressure in the mixing head, high-quality mixing and a constant mixing ratio over a large variable range up to a mass
ratio of 1:5. The design without any moving seals reduces cleaning and maintenance time compared with conventional designs featuring seals. It also has very compact dimensions. The new Vario nozzle can therefore also be easily retrofitted in existing systems. The associated RimStar metering and mixing devices are also equipped with integrated bearing monitoring of the pumps, which can provide the operator with a corresponding warning on the control panel in good time if performance drops due to wear. Unscheduled interruptions in production can be avoided through planned service operations as part of preventive maintenance.

From highly complex machines to a cost-saving universal talent
Products in the area of reaction process machinery are omnipresent. KraussMaffei provides an extensive range of machines and systems for their manufacture - right up to complete systems with mixing heads and metering machines, presses, punches, flexible cutting systems and foaming molds. The EcoStar series from KraussMaffei contains polyurethane metering machines with premium quality and low investment costs. The very attractive price/performance ratio for the EcoStar series has been achieved through systematic standardization and a reduced number of variants. This also results in an attractive delivery period. The EcoStar series is equipped with premium quality components to guarantee reliable process control and high component quality. “Our EcoStar is a universally applicable machine for many different areas of polyurethane processing. It is held in the highest regard by newcomer all over the world, but also among long-standing users," confirmed Beyl.